Election Dates for 2020

Important Dates for 2020

Early voting for Presidential Primary: April 18th – April 26th

Presidential Primary Day: April 28

Early voting for the primary: June 13th – June 21st

Primary election day: June 23rd

Early voting for the general election: October 24th – November 1st
General Election: November 3rd

Military & Special Federal voters:

In the general election:

If you are not previously registered to vote by absentee ballot the application must be received by October 9th for Special Federal absentee ballot, October 24th for Military absentee ballot if you have previously registered it must be received by October 27th for either ballot type.
The last day to apply in person for a ballot if previously registered is November 2nd
The last day to postmark military and special federal ballots in the primary is November 2nd, and it must be received by the board of elections by November 16th.