Chairman Simmeth blasts Poloncarz’s Liberal Hypocrisy: “If you want to feel safe, stop cuffing police and start cuffing criminals.”

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Chairman Simmeth blasts Poloncarz’s Liberal Hypocrisy
“If you want to feel safe, stop cuffing police and start cuffing criminals.”

Buffalo, NY – As has been reported from multiple news outlets, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz (D) threatened a woman on his property who was attempting to serve him court papers. Erie County Chairman Karl Simmeth released the following statement, agreeing with Mark Poloncarz’s need for safety – and demanding the same for the rest of New York’s taxpayers.

Chairman Karl Simmeth said, “Mark Poloncarz’s violent threats and angry outbursts directed at the woman serving him court papers says everything we need to know about elite, progressive hypocrisy. While far-left Democrats demand catch and release for criminals, liberal darling Mark Poloncarz shouts “get the [explicative] off of my property, or I will shoot you” because a woman knocked on his door. He’s scared of trespassers – and in a New York State controlled by Democrats, he should be.”

“Albany Democrats’ so-called Bail Reform makes everyone scared. Violent crime is on the rise, and that shouldn’t shock anyone. When police arrest a violent criminal and judges are forced — within hours of an arrest — to release that criminal, we can expect to see the dramatic increase in everything from assaults to burglaries we’ve seen. Forty percent of criminals released because of Albany Democrats’ so-called Bail Reform are re-arrested in weeks, many with long histories of violent offenses.”

“So let me go on the record and say that — for once — I agree with Mark Poloncarz. When strange people are poking around my back yard I have a constitutional right to protect myself, my family, and my property.”

“But here’s the rub… Mark Poloncarz only agrees with me in private during his personal crisis. Mark Poloncarz gets to be scared; the rest of us are, too. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home, and the answer is to stop cuffing police and start cuffing criminals again.”

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