ECGOP Chairman’s Report 2021: RED WAVE VICTORY 

Chairman’s Report
Karl Simmeth
Erie County Republican Committee

ECGOP Chairman’s Report 2021: RED WAVE VICTORY 

It is a good day to be a Republican in Erie County! This year a red wave swept through our community delivering resounding victories in deep blue territory. With nearly 160 races in Erie County this year, the soul of our community was at stake, and thanks to the hard work of Republican candidates, committeemen, and donors we had an overwhelmingly successful night.

With absentees left to be counted, we are very confident that John Garcia is the next Sheriff of Erie County. The voters were clear – defund-the-police Democrats are not welcome in the Sheriff’s office! Rest assured, the full weight of our team behind John as they prepare to open absentee ballots to ensure the safety and security of our elections.

I also want to personally thank Lynne Dixon for carrying our Party’s banner and representing our values well. She ran a strong race, and I know we are proud of the message and passion she campaigned on.

Supreme Court Justice Frank Caruso was re-elected and will be joined on the bench by our friend Ray Walter. Both Justice Caruso and Justice-elect Walter are men of integrity who will serve our community well!

In the County Legislature, we returned every Republican-allied Legislator including Joe Lorigo (LD10), Frank Todaro (LD8), John Mills (LD11), and Chris Greene (LD6). Additionally, Frank Bogulski defied the odds with only a 36 vote difference in election night. We will not concede until every legal vote is counted!

Republicans won overwhelmingly across the 28 towns and cities of Erie County! We broke up Democrat control in West Seneca and the City of Tonawanda. Republicans ended one Party Government in Cheektowaga for the first time in a decade, and Ray Herman is ahead going into absentee counts in Amherst. Republicans swept every office in Grand Island, Orchard Park, and Lancaster. At the same time, Hamburg and Evans each won critical council seats to broaden the grassroots of our Party in dark blue territory.


Here are just a few of our groundbreaking victories in 2021. Stay tuned for more strong Republican victories spotlighted in the coming days:

West Seneca: a huge congratulations is to Bob Breidenstein and Sue Kims for winning a Republican Sweep in the town of West Seneca! For the first time in generations, the Republican Party has a supermajority on the town board and can act on their vision of fiscal responsibility for the taxpayers of West Seneca.

City of Tonawanda: The 2:1 Democrat city is now under new management! Mayor-elect John White won every single election district in a 66% blowout election. Additionally, Republican Chairman Tom Newman was re-elected to the 1st Ward Council seat and Carl Nocera was elected to the 2nd Ward – effectively flipping the city from dark blue to Republican control.

Cheektowaga: Michael Jasinski and Vern Thompson worked with ECGOP to pilot an upset campaign, booting two Democrat councilmen off the town board and breaking up one-party Democrat rule for the first time in a decade! As results came in Tuesday night it was clear that Jasinski was the top vote-getter of the election, and Vern Thompson is holding his lead by +19 votes. With roughly 740 absentees left to count, our Republican team worked diligently to preserve this lead.

Amherst: Despite incredible odds, Ray Herman ended on election night up +181 showing that Republicans who fight hard can win! With roughly 1900 absentee ballots left to count, we are watching this race closely!

Orchard Park: On Election night, Orchard Park went from one Republican councilman to three and elected Eugene Majchrzak Supervisor! Congratulations to councilmen-elect Joe Liberty, Julia Mombrea, and Scott Honer!

Grand Island: Republicans swept four of four races, delivering Republican leadership for the taxpayers for another four years! Congratulations to Grand Island for sweeping the town with 4/4 races including newly elected Councilman Christian Bahleda, Councilman Pete Marston, Justice Mark Frentzel and Dick Crawford re-elected Highway Superintendent.

Lancaster: Republicans in flipped Lancaster, unseating incumbents and forming a Republican majority for the first time in a generation! Congratulations to Councilman Adam Dickman, Councilman-elect Mark Burkard, Highway Superintendent-elect John Pilato, and Justice Anthony Cervi.

It is an honor to continue serving you as Chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee. It is because of you, our committeemen, volunteers, and financial supporters, that we have been able to build success against all odds. I am proud of the work we have accomplished and emboldened. These outstanding victories have grown our Party and set the table to crush one-party Democrat rule in New York and elect Lee Zeldin Governor in 2022.

God Bless,
Chairman Karl Simmeth