Erie County GOP Votes Overwhelmingly to Endorse Karen Healy-Case for Sheriff

Erie County GOP Votes Overwhelmingly to Endorse
Karen Healy-Case for Sheriff


Buffalo, NY – On Saturday, the Erie County Republican Committee endorsed Karen Healy-Case as their pick for County Sheriff. Karen Healy-Case brings a wealth of experience in law enforcement and private sector security management.

“Law enforcement has been my life, and I am honored to be the law and order choice for the voters of Erie County,” said Karen Healy-Case. “I believe in service, and I am excited to earn the support of voters from Brant to Buffalo and Marilla to Grand Island. I am excited to have backing from the Republican and Conservative Parties, and I am ready to hit the ground running in this race. Now more than ever, we need a County Sheriff who will not only keep our community safe but help make the residents feel safe.”

Erie County GOP Chairman Karl Simmeth gave the following statement congratulating Karen Healy-Case on her endorsement:

“Today, the Erie County Republican Committee chose a strong, law and order candidate who will serve as an excellent Sheriff for the law-abiding taxpayers of Erie County. We are proud to put forward Karen Healy-Case, who has dedicated her life to keeping our community safe. After the violence, riots, and looting last year right here in Buffalo, the GOP stands firmly with law enforcement and is proud to have Karen Healy-Case as our next, top law enforcement official in Erie County.”

“The defund the police mentality proposed by the Democrat Party is a model that would put the public’s safety at risk. From cashless-bail to voting on parole, the Democrat socialist wing wants nothing more than to hamstring law enforcement. Safety and security are on the ballot this year, and Karen Healy-Case is the law and order choice for Erie County.”

Karen Healy-Case retired from the Buffalo Police Department in 2010 after 22 years of excellent public service to the community and took on a managerial position at Allied Barton, a security company. Her experience as a Police Officer, Police Lieutenant, and private sector security gives her the wherewithal and perspective to be the next in a long line of strong, law and order sheriffs who have safeguarded Erie County taxpayers.