June 27, 2024
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City of Lackawanna Latest Municipality to Raise Costs for Taxpayers


Lackawanna, NY – Erie County Republican Party Chairman Michael Kracker was joined today by two candidates for state office to slam the nearly 24% increase in the property tax levy proposed by the City of Lackawanna leadership. Lackawanna became the fourth municipality in Erie County to push for big tax increases, further burdening the residents in their communities.

“Erie County Democrats are taking a page out of Albany’s playbook and imposing massive tax increases on residents in Amherst, Buffalo, Kenmore, and now Lackawanna,” said Chairman Michael Kracker. “It’s time for the taxpayers of Erie County to hold these out-of-touch politicians accountable for their reckless spending and poor management.”

The Mayor of the City of Buffalo proposed a 9% tax increase, the Village of Kenmore proposed raising the tax levy 5.42%, and in Amherst, town leaders raised taxes by 11.4%. 

“I have lived in Lackawanna all my life,” said New York State Senate Candidate Jack Moretti.  “It’s a wonderful city of hard-working people.   But make no mistake, we are a working-class community, with more than 21% of our population living below the poverty line.  Raising taxes by almost 24% would absolutely crush the family budgets and would be devastating to this city.”

Lackawanna’s per capita income averages $26,033, and the median household income is $46,869. Now, instead of working to control spending, the Mayor of Lackawanna wants to impose a huge tax increase on residents.

“It’s time people take their communities and their government back.  When we have one-party rule, little concern or thought is given to our neighbors or friends who struggle each day to make ends meet.  Meanwhile, their current representatives in Albany do nothing to speak up for the little guy,” said Marc Priore, candidate for New York State Assembly.

Both Moretti and Priore say their focus will always be on the people they serve and not themselves.  

“There needs to be more accountability. How can Lackawanna residents be told just a few months ago that everything was fine when it clearly isn’t? Politicians seem to forget about who they should be fighting for,” said Moretti.

“Politicians should be working to rein in spending and give some relief to the already overburdened taxpayer in New York State.  How can you explain a tax hike of nearly 24%? That’s unconscionable,” said Priore.

“It’s time that residents of Lackawanna, as well as these other communities, realize that by having checks and balances in place, politicians are forced to listen to their constituents.  I encourage fed-up taxpayers to vote for fresh faces like Jack Moretti and Marc Priore who will look out for the people they represent,” said Chairman Kracker.