GOP Leaders Slam Assembly Members Burke and Wallace

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(Buffalo, NY) – Erie County GOP Chairman Michael Kracker joined Republican Assembly candidates Pat Chludzinski and Marc Priore to blast two incumbent lawmakers for prioritizing criminals over law-abiding citizens.  This comes after news that New York City Police officers were assaulted in Times Square last Saturday by migrants in this country illegally.

“Assembly members Monica Wallace and Pat Burke have supported their New York City colleagues to bring us cashless bail and sanctuary cities. The lawlessness on display during the recent attack on two New York City Police Officers by a gang of illegal migrants is the direct result of the pro-criminal agenda supported by these far-left politicians,” said Chairman Michael Kracker. “The people of Erie County are sick and tired of politicians who put the needs of criminals ahead of public safety, and it’s time Wallace and Burke were replaced with leaders who know how to protect our community.”

Several migrants are accused of attacking two New York City police officers as they attempted to disperse a group that had become disorderly.  While some suspects were arrested soon after on felony charges, all were released without bail. Another accused was arraigned this past Thursday and proceeded to give the double middle finger to cameras as he walked out of court.  Now comes word that four of the suspects who were released without bail used fake identities and fled to California.

“As a law enforcement officer in the Town of Cheektowaga, I’ve witnessed the negative impact of cashless bail and the migrant crisis on our community,” said Pat Chludzinski, candidate for the 143rd Assembly District. “Whether it’s fellow officers being attacked in New York City or rising crime at the Galleria, the effects of these pro-criminal policies are clear. As a Member of the Assembly, I will fight to repeal these bad policies and work to protect the people of Cheektowaga, Lancaster, and Buffalo,” concluded Chludzinski.

Both Assemblyman Pat Burke and Assemblywoman Monica Wallace support cashless bail and sanctuary city policies, which have proven to be disastrous, leaving law-abiding citizens feeling unsafe in their own neighborhoods.

“Voters are sick and tired of Western New York politicians pushing an agenda that more closely aligns with New York City values. As our Assemblyman, Pat Burke has supported a pro-criminal agenda that puts our community and our state in danger,” said Marc Priore, a Lieutenant with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and candidate for the 142nd Assembly. “As a career law enforcement officer, I will repeal these reckless policies, support my fellow officers, and put our community’s interests first,” concluded Priore.

Both Priore and Chludzinski say they got into law enforcement out of a love for community and a desire to serve and protect, and what they see now is a complete destruction of our values and our neighborhoods.  They say neither Burke nor Wallace represent Western New York values, repeatedly siding with New York City interests that are destroying our state.

“Immigrants built this country.  But it has to be done the right way.  These people are here illegally.  They’re accused of crimes.  They need to be deported,” said Chludzinski.

“We need to return to being a country and state where criminals are punished, and those who obey the laws can feel safe.  And if you commit a crime while here illegally, you have zero right to stay here,” added Priore.

Priore and Chludzinski are decorated members of law enforcement.  Priore is an elected CSEA union representative who has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1998.  Chludzinski is a U.S. Army Veteran and decorated officer who has been with the Cheektowaga Police Department since 1999.  He has been the recipient of numerous awards and citations.