Chairman Nick Langworthy Passes Torch to Chairman Karl Simmeth and Ensemble Team


Sept. 16, 2019
Contact: Jesse Prieto
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Chairman Nick Langworthy Passes Torch to Chairman Karl Simmeth and Ensemble Team

ECGOP Executive Committee Elects Karl Simmeth as the next Erie County Republican Chairman


Buffalo, NY – On Saturday, September 14, Karl Simmeth was unanimously elected as Chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, after outgoing Chairman Nick Langworthy formally resigned to take on the responsibilities as State Chair for the Republican Party.

“I am honored to have the full support of the ECGOP, and I am grateful for the steadfast leadership of Chairman Langworthy. I speak on behalf of our entire organization when I say we are proud to have Nick Langworthy as State Chairman, and we look forward to seeing his success state-wide. He has written a great playbook, and I plan to run with it. Nick led ECGOP to win 8 of the last 10 county-wide elections in a 2:1 Democrat County. We are going to make this year number 9, with Lynne Dixon as our next County Executive. This is the taxpayers’ Party, and Erie County is sick and tired of a hyper-partisan County Executive who talks and spends too much,” said Chairman Karl Simmeth.

Chairman Karl Simmeth has been the Boston Town Chairman for the last 10 years, where he has run a strong grass roots organization. In 2009 he led the effort to identify and turnout voters with a “taxpayer first” message, and come November, led his Party to a three seat sweep. Since then, under Chairman Simmeth’s leadership, the committee has recruited strong male and female candidates who have been elected on their merit.

Vice Chairman Carmen Vacco resigned alongside Chairman Nick Langworthy after over 40 years of service to the Republican Party. Father of Dennis Vacco, former NYS Attorney General, Carmen Vacco is considered a stalwart of the NYGOP. He will be replaced by Ray Walter, former County Legislator and Assemblyman from Amherst as Vice Chairman. Erin Baker is joining the team as Finance Chair, using her extensive experience fundraising for local, state, and federal candidates across New York. Second Vice Chair John Schmidt will continue on in his role, committed to recruitment, candidate development, and fundraising.

The ECGOP Party Officers:

Chairman Karl Simmeth
Ray Walter, Vice Chairman
John Schmidt, Second Vice Chairman
Erin Baker, Finance Chairwoman
Kim Bowers, Secretary
Ross Kostecky, Treasurer
Ralph Mohr, Elections Commissioner
Executive Director, Jesse Prieto