For Immediate Release
February 19, 2019
Contact: Jesse Prieto, 716-856-8700


We Must Fight Back,
The Socialist Job Killing Has Just Begun


“In 2018, Andrew Cuomo pledged that he would take over New York State with
progressives. He financed the takeover of the State Senate by Democrats. What he
didn’t realize was that he had handed his power, and the end of his vise-like grip
over Albany to the new, radical socialists who are now clearly running the show.

The socialist takedown of the Amazon deal has shown the nation what New Yorkers
have known for years – New York is “closed for business.” New York taxes too much,
spends too much, and regulates anything it can. Unnecessary and anti-business
legislation coming out of Albany crushes our ability to compete. It’s been painfully
obvious in Upstate.

These job killing realities make it nearly impossible for New York to compete without
Cuomo using the levers of government to pick the economic winners and losers. This
led to massive corruption and a string of broken promises. But now the crony
capitalism practiced by Cuomo has run into the economically illiterate
extremism behind the destruction of Amazon’s new headquarters in
Queens. Andrew Cuomo saw Amazon as his legacy, but 25,000 jobs and $27 billion
in tax revenue vanished overnight. Cuomo’s legacy is now in shambles.

Amazon, or any other major job creator, does not need to deal with high tax and
meddlesome regulations that define New York. They certainly will not tolerate wild
eyed socialists working day and night to sabotage real progress. We have already lost
over one million taxpayers in the eight years Cuomo has been governor. New York is
in serious danger. Do you think Andrew Cuomo has buyer’s remorse for his
progressive takeover of Albany?

It is time for common sense to make a comeback to New York. That is exactly why
we must rebuild, retool, and revitalize the Republican Party in our state.

An invitation is extended to taxpayers of all affiliations; if you believe New York
should open its door to jobs and opportunity for our families, then the Republican
Party welcomes you. If you believe New York State spends too much money with no
regard for the hardworking taxpayers that are paying the bills, then the Republican
Party welcomes you. If you have questioned your future in this state because taxes
are just too high, then the Republican Party’s door is open to you. And, if you’ve
been alienated by the extreme left wing social agenda that promotes and legalizes
abortion up until the moment of birth, then the Republican Party welcomes you.

We ask you to join our ranks fighting for a New York comeback.”