Statement from Chairman Michael Kracker on Christmas Blizzard News Dump

“Classic document dump by Mark Poloncarz on a late Friday night, hoping taxpayers ignore his mismanagement of a deadly blizzard that needlessly cost lives.

What is most revealing is what the County Executive purposely left out: his bizarre decision to launch petulant political attacks on Mayor Byron Brown instead of focusing on saving lives.

While people froze to death in homes and cars, Mark Poloncarz ignored his responsibility to help and instead chose to fight with fellow elected leaders.

Let that sink in. In this report, the County Executive did not include one of the most critical reasons why lives were lost: Mark Poloncarz picked fights and attacked other elected leaders instead of spending quality time leading blizzard management efforts.

Seconds count in a crisis. Nowhere in the report is why precious time was wasted by Mark Poloncarz, who put his bruised ego over his civic responsibility to save lives.

Mark Poloncarz won’t take responsibility for the needless deaths during a blizzard, similar to how he won’t own up to welcoming migrants to Erie County with open arms, who in turn are accused of committing rapes and sexual assaults.

It is time for a change. Erie County will resoundingly reject an out-of-touch career politician who cares more about his fragile ego than protecting the people he is supposed to serve.”