Statement From Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Michael Kracker on Kathy Hochul Signing into law a bill that will move local elections to even numbered years in NYS

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Statement From Erie County GOP Chairman Michael Kracker

Erie County Republican Chairman Michael Kracker issued the following statement in response to Governor Kathy Hochul signing into law a bill that will move local elections in New York State to even-numbered years:

“By signing this ill-advised legislation, Governor Hochul is complicit in diminishing the public’s voice in the elections that have the most significant impact on their daily lives. As a former local elected official, Governor Hochul fully understands the negative impact this will have. Still, she chose to put partisan politics above the best interest of local communities.

Forcing local elections into even-numbered years will upend the idea that all politics is local, forcing every campaign – from the White House to the town hall –  to be waged on national narratives. Thanks to Governor Hochul and New York Democrats, thoughtful discussion on critical local issues like property taxes, public safety, and infrastructure will be drowned out by the big-money politics of Washington and Albany.

This legislation isn’t intended to increase voter participation or reduce costs; its objective is to tilt the playing field and consolidate Democratic control at all levels of government. Governor Hochul and her radical allies in Albany have shown they will do anything to tighten their grip on New York State, even at the expense of local communities.”