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Contact: Jesse Prieto





“Today Andrew Cuomo and the 100% Democrat leadership will force a bill through the legislature that will codify abortion on demand in New York State right up to the moment of birth.  They do this not because there is a threat to a woman’s right to choose in New York. They do this because of pure national politics and Andrew Cuomo’s unbridled ambition to be President of the United States.

The so-called Reproductive Health Act expands abortion up until the time of birth, no longer requires an actual doctor to perform abortions and removes all criminal penalties for anyone who harms an unborn child.

The political rhetoric from the far left is clear. They are trying to justify this radical abortion agenda as a matter of “women’s health.” So then why does this bill sidestep women’s health, and go straight for promotion of abortion on-demand? A woman’s right to an abortion is already protected if her health is at risk. However, this bill will allow women to obtain an elective abortion – late in the third trimester – when a baby is fully developed and can survive outside the womb – for any reason.

This bill will also allow non-doctors to perform risky late-term abortions and even removes protections for babies born alive during an abortion procedure.

If “women’s health” was really the Governor’s priority, then there would be measures in this bill to help with the mental and emotional strain that a mother endures after an abortion. New York’s abortion rate already leads the nation, we should be passing legislation that protects not destroys lives.

Democrats are looking to put the nail in the coffin and end the debate on abortion entirely. In politics, it is easy to chalk the debate up to drama and drum beating, but this bill is about the life and death of our children. Public opinion polls reveal (80% according to Gallup) overwhelming opposition to late-term abortion. Even those on the extreme left must agree… abortion hurts women, abortion hurts babies and this disturbing and dangerous legislation needs to be stopped.

Abortion should never be cheered by politicians as it will be today at Cuomo’s bill signing rally, especially when remembering the circumstances surrounding a mother who is considering the difficult decision of ending the life of her unborn child.”



Nicholas A. Langworthy
Chairman, Erie County Republican Committee