BREAKING:  New Report Blames Gov. Andrew Cuomo for intentionally hiding thousands of Covid Nursing Home Deaths caused by his Executive Order!

According to the New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo under-reported nursing home deaths caused by Covid-19 by up to 50%. Here are four critical takeaways from this breaking story:

  • Andrew Cuomo’s deadly executive order forced nursing homes to accept Covid positive patients for 46 days, exposing our most vulnerable populations.
  • Andrew Cuomo has consistently denied any wrongdoing or negligence, and after holding his own investigation absolved himself of any culpability.
  • Today Letitia James, the far-left Democrat NY State Attorney General released her office’s report, pointing squarely at Andrew Cuomo’s negligence, and suggesting there was some attempt to hide the evidence by obscuring the data.
  • According to the AG’s Office Andrew Cuomo under-reported Covid Nursing Home Deaths by up to 50%.